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Let’s choose more informative tags than “grammar” whenever possible

Allow me to disagree. Gramatica is a good tag, even though it is broad. First, sites need to have both broad and narrow tags. As this highly voted answer on Meta explains, broad tags are useful ...
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Procedimentos para a sugestão de remoção de um tag que não tenha explicação

Por acaso, fui eu que fiz a proposta de mudar um tag à tua pergunta. A lógica foi simples: acho que o tag origem-histórica devia ser sinónimo com o tag etimologia. A etimologia como disciplina das ...
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Are “estrangeirismos” and “palavras-estrangeiras” best as separate tags or as synonyms?

It should not be merged as they are different things. It's a shame I only got to read this now, and it's too late, but here's my input on this matter. Estrangeirismos means that it's a word or term ...
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