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Portuguese Language não é um site de língua portuguesa?

Podes verificar na ajuda do site que a ideia é poderes perguntar nas duas línguas, mas sugere-se que se pergunte e responda em português. No meta, tanto quanto sei deve-se escrever em inglês para ...
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Pode-se pedir traduções para alemão?

English (Em Português mais abaixo) The Help centre has this to say about translations: We are not a translation service, nor do we purport to be experts in languages other than Portuguese. Asking ...
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How can I see the progress of these 3 badges?

Just confirmed with a dev, and there's no way to track these :\
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Pode-se pedir traduções para alemão?

(Bilingual answer: English on top, Portuguese at the end.) English tldr: yes, for de→pt; but for pt→de, ask in german.SE. Questions about German<->Portuguese? My understanding is that it is on-...
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How can I see the progress of these 3 badges?

As JNat says, there are some badges that aren't trackable: Favorite Question Question favorited by 25 users Stellar Question Question favorited by 100 users Popular Question Question with 1,...
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O site mudou de estilo visual?

Foi uma mudança temporária acidental que afetou toda a rede: We just pushed a build [Taryn ♦] Fixed! We’ve got a new theming API in Stacks that was leaking a bit. Funnily enough, all the themes we ...
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Porque não ganho Inquisitive bage , tenho 31/30 perguntas certas?

(I hope you don't mind me answering in English...) You can click on the 'Inquisitive' label in your profile, and the popup shows that while you did satisfy the requirement to ask a positively received ...
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