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Good practice in posts that just copy-paste other sites

The attribution must be done when copying, and it should be very visible. Copied text should not seem to be original work. When the text is copied, it should be in a quote block: [copied text]
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Should we split some questions in two?

I think there is a case to post independent questions in separate posts even if the questions are related. I’m not advocating the forceful splitting of a question in two against the asker’s will, but ...
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Should we split some questions in two?

I think it's fine to have related questions in the same post. People can post partial answers, but if both questions are about the etymology of synonymous words, then it's likely that potential ...
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Should I accept my own answer?

Wait for a few days (more than the 'usual' two, since Portuguese SE is not very busy) and if nothing better has been posted, do accept your own answer. That has been the idea from (almost) the ...
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Procedimentos para a sugestão de remoção de um tag que não tenha explicação

Por acaso, fui eu que fiz a proposta de mudar um tag à tua pergunta. A lógica foi simples: acho que o tag origem-histórica devia ser sinónimo com o tag etimologia. A etimologia como disciplina das ...
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