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How can I see the progress of these 3 badges?

Just confirmed with a dev, and there's no way to track these :\
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Maximum of votes per day bug?

Normally you can only vote thirty times but you gain up to ten extra votes by voting on questions rather than answers. From MSE: Everyone gets a total of 30 votes. You may get up to 10 extra ...
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How can I see the progress of these 3 badges?

As JNat says, there are some badges that aren't trackable: Favorite Question Question favorited by 25 users Stellar Question Question favorited by 100 users Popular Question Question with 1,...
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Porque não ganho Inquisitive bage , tenho 31/30 perguntas certas?

(I hope you don't mind me answering in English...) You can click on the 'Inquisitive' label in your profile, and the popup shows that while you did satisfy the requirement to ask a positively received ...
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