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Should we delete the tag "alfabeto"?

Its scope seems excessively limited and, having been applied to a total of six questions so far, the tag alfabeto seems unnecessary to me. Especially as, of these 6 questions, 2 are actually about ...
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1 answer

Is there a glitch in the number of visitors count?

I bumped into this page, that says we’ve been having 5 visitors a day! Area 51 page says 4! Ok, this was when I fists asked the question. Today both pages show 2 visitors a day! A couple of weeks ...
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$Topic should be "Portuguese language" not "portuguese language"

I don't mean to be nitpicking, but while we're talking about typos of the word "Portuguese", the off-topic close reason reads where "portuguese language" seems to correspond to $Topic. I don't know ...
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There is a typo in the text of the site's tour: "Portugese"

In Portugese linguistics, orthography, or etymology It should be written Portuguese, with u.
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"Comments can not contain that content"?

I tried to comment on this answer, but The System told me "Comments cannot contain that content." Why not!? Can we enable "that content"?
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6 votes
2 answers

Error in Bio from "João de Barros" bot?

In profile there is this bio (about): Pioneiro da gramática portuguesa. Publiquei a "Gramática da Língua Protuguesa" em 1540. Protuguesa is ...
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Can we get support for latin characthers in tags?

Characters like 'ç' and 'ã' are removed from tags. Is this intentional? It doesn't really add much value, but it's weird to see them without the diacritics.
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