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Perguntas do tipo, "será que existe uma palavra portuguesa assim?"

Eu costumo ter dúvidas do tipo, "existe uma palavra portuguesa que parece como <assim> e com significado parecido a <assim>?". Seríam bem-vindos neste site perguntas deste tipo? Acho que ...
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Is asking to translate a short paragraph from English to Portuguese on topic here?

I want to see if I'm allowed to ask such a question in the main site? Would you please translate the following paragraphs into Portuguese? a proposal for creating a remote sensing and ...
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What should we do with questions related to computing?

Consider the following questions? How can I type accented letters, like ç, on elementary OS? How can I type accented letters? How many different keyboard layouts are there for Portuguese? Are there ...
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Is this recent question about job post semantics on-topic?

The question in question: How are salaries listed in Brazil? If I understand it correctly, it asks whether a listed salary (using the word salário) in Brazil is normally understood to mean a monthly, ...
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Are questions about translations to English on-topic? [duplicate]

I am thinking about questions such as Como traduzir para Inglês “que eu aconselho”?, which asks for the English translation of a Portuguese phrase. I suppose that would be on-topic on ELU, if it ...
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We'll allow translations to and from which languages?

I was talking with @E_net4 about this question elsewhere on meta. The proposition is: The site is open to discussing translations from X to PT for any language X (provided the discussion is ...
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Sobre questões superficiais

Eu gostaria de entender o intuito do Beta. Estou vendo muitas questões básicas que podem ser respondidas com uma simples pesquisa na internet. Perguntas como "qual o significado da palavra X?" que ...
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