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In which language the questions should be asked? [duplicate]

I see some questions in english and others in portuguese and I'm always in doubt. The questions should be asked in portuguese, english or whatever? Vejo algumas perguntas em inglês outras em ...
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What's the benefit for a person learning Portuguese if the majority of questions is not in English?

Please note firstly that I'm referring to the questions here in this private beta until the graduation to the public beta. After this, the users are free to ask in the language they think is better to ...
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Pergunta em português respondida em inglês [duplicate]

É aceitável responder em inglês a uma pergunta feita em português ou vice versa? What about if I start a misturar inglês with portuguese na same sentence? Temos aqui um problem? Ou not?
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Should I answer questions in Portuguese or English?

So, other questions here on meta have addressed concerns about asking questions, and the language they should be done in. But what about answers? When a question is asked in English, should I ...
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Write titles in two languages or not?

I wrote some questions using title in Portuguese and English, must I leave the title in only one language and in the question body I put a "title translation"? Eu escrevi algumas questões com títulos ...
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Should we use English or Portuguese on tags?

Should we use English or Portuguese on tags? Or should we use both as synonyms?
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