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Procedimentos para a sugestão de remoção de um tag que não tenha explicação

Enquanto aguardava resposta a uma questão que partilhei, recebi uma notificação de uma proposta de edição, que era somente a remoção de um tag (como vemos na imagem abaixo). Uma vez procurando por ...
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Should I accept my own answer?

ENGLISH: In stackoverflow it is simple. If something solved your problem, you can post it and check it as the accepted answer. However, in Portuguese — being it a Humanity, a language — there may ...
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6 votes
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Should we split some questions in two?

When I read this question about the etymology of rabicó and xuxinha today I asked myself: shouldn’t this question actually be two separate questions? The only thing that connects the two words is that ...
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Good practice in posts that just copy-paste other sites

I found two answers that consist of a single copy-paste of another site with the source given at the end. The text itself is not marked as a quote, nor there is any indication that the whole answer is ...
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