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Should I accept my own answer?

ENGLISH: In stackoverflow it is simple. If something solved your problem, you can post it and check it as the accepted answer. However, in Portuguese — being it a Humanity, a language — there may ...
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Should we split some questions in two?

When I read this question about the etymology of rabicó and xuxinha today I asked myself: shouldn’t this question actually be two separate questions? The only thing that connects the two words is that ...
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Shouldn't the questions and accepted answers parallel each other in votes?

I have seen many questions in which the question and the accepted answer will have different amount of votes. For instance, the question will have 8 votes, whereas the accepted answer will have 15. ...
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Deal with questions with more than one correct answer

I made two questions in the site about equivalent expressions in English and Portuguese. See here and here. Analyzing the answers, I can see that we have a lot of similar expressions, so, a lot of ...
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Como lidar com informações na qual não se tem fontes confiáveis mas são as únicas disponíveis?

Vi essa pergunta sobre a origem do Ratimbum dos aniversários, e ia responder, mas as informações que sei sobre isso não têm em nenhum site confiável, ou melhor, nem citam o assunto. Têm alguns sites, ...
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Muitas perguntas, poucas respostas

nestes primeiros minutos de beta privado, tenho observado uma coisa que me preocupa muito. Estamos ganhando uma grande quantidade de perguntas rapidamente, o que é bom. Entretanto, temos poucas ...