Fiz essa resposta, e ao fazer, coloquei como c.w. justamente para não receber a pontuação, pois nada fiz além de juntar ambas as respostas já existentes (algumas editadas posteriormente). Não recebi nenhuma pontuação pelos votos, mas agora recebi a pontuação da recompensa.

Seria isso correto?

I did this answer, I put as C. W. just to not receive a score, for nothing did well to join both existing answers (some later edited). I received no score for the votes, but now I received the reward score.

Would that be correct?

enter image description here

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I think what matters here is that the person who asked the question offered some of his own reputation to the answer who better fit: Your answer is a wiki, and gather the best from other answers (with proper crediting).

It is correct, as intended. You can see that it is by-design in How does the bounty system work?

How does Community Wiki mode affect bounties?

Bounties are not affected by community wiki mode. When you award a bounty to an answer marked community wiki, the reputation bonus will be awarded to the user who posted the original revision of the answer.

Related: Can a community wiki answer win the bounty?

So you could think the reputation you gained from the bounty has been well earned.

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